"The magic moment in which ancient universes are destroyed and new stars are created"

The New Stars Technology Platform

Outlanders Productions

Outlanders Productions is an independent company with the purpose of supporting and promoting emerging and established artists. Based in Finland, the company operates also in Europe and the main activity includes artist management, promotion, concert production and event organizing.

The company was created in May 2013, when moved by our deep love for music, we decided to join the sinking business and try to live our dreams. Not an easy path, but surely lot of fun.

A song inspired our name, but its meaning was part of our history before. None of us is living in the country we were born in. We left behind borders and boundaries a long time ago and music helped us in that. It is time to pay back.

These days, many artists and creators are struggling due to numerous problems in modern music business. There is lack of transparency, unfairness, inefficiency and low payout for artists. However, there are number of people and organization that recognize these problems and try to change that. We share this vision and the direction to fully support instant and transparent payments and to create open-source platform for artists as well as try to reduce issue of piracy.

Now, at the end of 2015, we are adding new chapter to our story - we are starting "New Stars - Fair Trade music business for every artists" platform and services. We want to make life more easy for emerging artists and more fair for established artists and we strongly believe that intermediaries should work for the artists, not the other way around.

We want to help changing music business into FAIR TRADE MUSIC business.


Fair Trade Music

What can be considered as "Fair" in the music business? We suggest the following points:

The creator owns the intellectual property

  • No creator should be forced to sell out his portfolio
  • Selling the copyright should be an act of free will and no-one shall be ripped off in the process
  • The distributor always comes second to the creator

The distributor receives fair pay for the service

  • Distributors play an important role for creators
  • They shall help and mentor the creator in reaching his audience and strive for the best results for customers and creators

What is good is not defined by salesmen

  • The market is not always right, neither are critics, neither are experts
  • High quality work often stays in a niche, what sells is not necessarily of highest order
  • Both types of work have the right to exist
  • What nobody wants shall not be kept alive artificially
  • Every artist is of worth and has the right to get the same high quality services as others

Creators are a community and strong people support the weak

  • Newcomers and creators hitting only small markets with good work shall be supported by their better selling colleagues

Equal conditions for everyone


Outlanders Productions proposes a new digital platform and services for artists, record labels and publishers in general, based on the above-mentioned principles of what we suggest to call “Fair Trade Publishing” and which is based on the emerging blockchain technology. The services offer transparency of payments (including royalties, based on so-called smart contracts), fast and secure payments and artistic freedom, which are applied to digital distribution.

The outline of such platform is presented on the next video

Our Team

Eleonora Pedron, BA

co-founder and co-CEO

Music promoter
Artist’s advocate
Symphonic metal lover

Dr. Tatyana Shubina

co-founder and co-CEO

Computer wizard
Scientist / Engineer
Rock music fan

Dr. Thilo Bauer


Technology Enthusiast
Hard Rock addict


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